This lets you focus on the measures that are most useful to your customers and most relevant to the company’s goals and values. To measure business performance, you need to track relevant business metrics, also known as key performance indicators, that display a measurable value and shows the progress of the business goals. When you’re looking at a polished example of a business report, you’ll notice that every element of design and content is immaculate and makes complete logical sense. That said, to get the best returns for your analytical efforts, proofreading your reports is vital.

This HR department annual report uses shapes and color to make the information attractive and engaging. To add more content in each section, simply duplicate pages and add textual content in color boxes that match the rest of the design. Click on the button above to use this template for your annual report. Click on the button above to create your nature-inspired annual report. Showcase your ongoing environmental projects with an annual template that shines.

  1. Nowadays, of course, it doesn’t have to literally be a paper trail, since we keep the data in electronic form.
  2. Average worked rates grew by 5.5% in Q1, 5.9% in Q2, 6.3% in Q3, before settling at 6.0% through November.
  3. KPIs are the foundation of any business analysis, and they can come in a multitude of forms.
  4. They demonstrate how effectively a business is achieving its key objectives.

You will no longer need to rely on gut instinct or anecdotal evidence when assessing risks, threats, and opportunities. Instead, you will have access to a wealth of reliable data to inform your decisions. A well-written performance report will not only measure the performance of your business but will also pinpoint the areas that require improvement and help in the overall decision-making process. Doing this will help you evaluate and measure your company’s performance against your goals and objectives, and see how well you are achieving or meeting them.

Performance reporting: how to create an effective reporting process and increase conversions

This 8-page printable report template was designed with a geometric color block layout that makes an impact. Your social media data can be easily copied into the placeholders for your team and stakeholders to visualize. Charts and graphs are laid out over a couple of pages so you can select which types of charts you need. The analysis lab report template has seven pages full of visualizations like tables, flowcharts and graphs to share your scientific findings.

What to Include in a Business Performance Report

Modern online reporting tools offer users the possibility to automatically generate a report in a matter of seconds, eliminating any form of manual work. All they need to do is connect their data sources, select the KPIs they want to display, and enjoy a visually appealing and fully functional report in just a few clicks. This enables organizations to focus on the important part, which is extracting powerful insights to inform their strategies. While modern reporting dashboards are dynamic and interactive in equal measure, it’s important that you also remain robust and responsive when writing a business-based report.

Through them, you have the means to compare different periods and activity, growth, etc. You can better see which products or services are more successful than others, which marketing campaign outperforms which other, and which markets or segments require more attention. Collecting all this data is indispensable – and by doing so, you build a paper trail of your past (or, namely, a data trail). They let people outside the company (like banks or investors) know about your activity and performance and enable stakeholders to understand your organization’s tangible and intangible assets.

With a modern market research dashboard like this one, all the info can be filtered upon need, and the whole presentation of results can be done on one screen. For example, if you want to know the brand awareness of a particular region or age group, you just have to click on the graphs, and the entire dashboard will be filtered based on this information. Marketing reports can be easily prepared by using this monthly marketing report template. With HubSpot’s reporting, you can determine where your website traffic is coming from, how your landing pages and specific blog posts are performing, and how successful your email campaigns are. Browse all Databox marketing dashboards or marketing report examples here.

A good introductory paragraph for a business report should explain to the reader why you’ve written the report. Use the introduction to provide a bit of background on the report’s topic and mention the past results if there’s been a significant improvement since your last report. If you’re not sure what sections your report should have, you’ll learn what to include in the following lines. In business, and especially in large companies, it’s easy to misplace information when it’s communicated verbally.

Performance reports by time

By assessing its operations, you can make informed decisions, find ways to improve, and establish accountability in the workplace. The recommendations and actions will usually follow from the business objectives not being met. For example, if one of your goals was to decrease costs then your recommendations would include optimization strategies for cost reduction. If you have more than one suggestion you should make a list of the pros and cons of each one. You can make several recommendations in one report if they are related. In addition, make sure that every recommendation has supporting arguments to back them up.

Create Performance Reports in Seconds

Click the button above to get every person of your team tracking progress about a project in the same way. You can use this professional business report digitally as a pdf to fill in by your team. This one-page template is great for quick notes to keep it all on track. Unlike the template above which is more about specific poignant data, this template is more about larger financial data sets. If your nonprofit needs to create an annual report to show the results of last year’s efforts, this is the template you need.

ProjectManager is cloud-based software that tracks the progress of your project in real time. ProjectManager helps you organize tasks and resources to schedule your project. It also has features to measure performance and share that insight with your stakeholders and team to drive improvements.

Besides, an effective business analysis report should also assess the results to determine if the process changes had a positive or negative effect on the company’s goals. In fact, according to Databox’s State of business reporting, an overwhelming majority of companies said that reporting improved their performance. Based on the data presented in performance reports, management and stakeholders have an accurate high-level overview of the project’s progress, which translates into better decisions and business performance. Another key component of successful organizational reporting is deciding how often you will analyze your metrics and information. Depending on the function or the goals you’re looking to achieve, you should decide whether your dashboard will serve as a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting tool.

Make it as simple but informative as you possibly can—a good tool for this can be FreshBooks, which automatically generates simple but useful financial reports based on your data. When putting together the framework of your business performance report, it’s vital that you only put time and energy into collecting the data that will help you. Businesses often have to prepare reports to comply with reporting regulations. This reporting could be compulsory such as annual reports or it could be voluntary, where the company produces reports to help strengthen its corporate social responsibility. Performance reporting assists in the preparation of external business reports. The use of key performance indicators by businesses helps in controlling employee behavior and defines their performance.

Benchmarking is a useful way of comparing yourself to businesses in the same sector. It’s important to note that your end goals and market position will affect the specific comparisons you want to make. The more business performance report you know about what your customers need, the easier it’ll be to handle increased numbers of customers. To capture customer feedback, you can use sales data, complaint forms, questionnaires and social media.