In the years that followed, Boxed reportedly rejected a $400 million buyout offer from grocer Kroger in 2018, then later partnered with one of Asia’s largest retailers (Aeon) in 2021 for an expansion. At the time, Boxed had more than 7 million registered users and reported it was close to profitability. While limitations around selection and occasional delivery mishaps rarely occur, the sheer convenience factors cannot get overstated enough. Boxed removes so many typical bulk buying headaches, I can‘t picture abandoning their delivery reliability barring any huge declines.

It’s a good choice for elderly people who may have trouble getting to the store or carrying groceries, as well as families with small children who don’t want to get the kids out while shopping. This is actually the reason I started using grocery delivery after my youngest child was born. If you plan to order Publix delivery regularly, the most price-saving option is to sign up for Instacart Express and only place orders that meet the $35 minimum threshold for free shipping.

  1. That‘s not even counting hundreds more not overspending impulse buys in-store.
  2. Chieh Huang, Jared Yaman, Christopher Cheung, and William Fong own Boxed.
  3. Lastly shipping was very quick which I was not expecting, although I live in NYC so your experience may vary depending on your location.
  4. Over 1,700 TrustPilot ratings give Boxed 4.4 out of 5 stars collectively.
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Boxed got it’s start by focusing on orders made through either the iOS or Android mobile apps. While you can pop out to the Web to place an order any time, ordering through the app is arguably simpler and ideal when doing some shopping on your lunch hour. All orders will ship within 1 business day of being received, as long as the shipping address is within the contiguous United States. Standard shipping (UPS) takes roughly two business days to reach a customer. Boxed customers can shop on desktop, via the Boxed iOS app or Android app.

That’s why I now use Boxed for all of my family’s bulk shopping needs. This service is basically an online version of Costco, except that you don’t need a membership to use it. With Boxed, you can buy all your bulk foods and household supplies and have them delivered in a box to your front door. However, they offer a service called Boxed Express, which provides same-day grocery delivery in certain metro areas. This service offers perishable foods and fresh produce.

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Outside of smarter buying tricks, the more you initially purchase with Boxed, the more you should save over local stores based on bulk cost advantages. For shoppers focused on costs first while still valuing quality affiliate forex and convenience, Boxed hits a helpful middle ground. When weighing all bulk orders now going through them for 80-90% of our household replenishments, no service delivers better overall value per my experience.

Over 1,700 TrustPilot ratings give Boxed 4.4 out of 5 stars collectively. Fans call the curated bulk delivery ‘a life saver’…‘money and sanity saver’…‘absolute best option from cost to convenience’. Have enjoyed Boxed for a few years; convenient for 2 disabled seniors. Today went to order and all i get is a blank page saying ‘service not available in your area’. Reading the other reviews i suspect they have “quiet quit” us customers. I was very pleased with especially as a new customer they usually offer a nice discount and free shipping off your first order.

I ordered 4 cases of protein shakes, really good price compared to stores for each individual drink for sure! The shipping was free because I spent above a threshold as well, which is important to me upon ordering from different websites. While you won’t be able to fashion an entire meal out of samples as you would at a physical store, Boxed still retains the excitement of free stuff and the product discovery experience by offering two free samples per order. Boxed only ships within the contiguous USA and shipping fees and times vary by location. Thrive Market memberships clock in at $60/year, but you have the option of a monthly subscription as well.

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A tip is not required, but it’s customary and highly recommended to tip your delivery driver. However, it’s only available in certain states in the northeastern United States, such as New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Customer service is available through email or phone. The standard rate of rewards is 1 point for every dollar spent, however promotional rates will offer more points per dollar spent from time to time. 500 points will convert to a $5 gift card to spend on Boxed, basically a one percent return.

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Customer Service will cancel your subscription, but be aware that if you cancel before your 12 months is through (it’s an annual subscription) you won’t be able to get the unused portion of your fees back. If you’re someone who loves buying in bulk and hates going to the store to lug five bags and a wheelie cart home, then Boxed is definitely for you. Customers generally enjoy the service, reporting fast shipping and great deals, though I will say they may not have the cheapest prices out there for certain items. I found the signup process to be quick and painless, as all information was readily displayed, and all of our questions were answered quickly thanks to the thorough FAQ section the brand wrote for each shopping option. Sure, the brand sounds great, but what is their service really like? If this question has crossed your mind, you’re in luck, because this is the part of my Boxed review where I reveal all the juicy details when it comes to customer evaluations.

When a primitive is “boxed”, it’s essentially just a wrapper around a primitive so it plays nice with the rest of the framework that’s expecting an Object. Autoboxing is most useful in java when working with generics, since you can’t use primitives with generics, so to store ints in a list, you’d have to make a List and put the ints into the list boxed. Boxed does not accept returns at this time, so all sales are final. If your product arrives damaged, send them an email at [email protected] to let them know and they will ship you a replacement. You’ll still have access to the Boxed Up perks until your subscription term expires. Weliver rated the brand almost perfectly, so as you can imagine, there are more pros than cons in his Boxed review.

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While you can certainly get around the membership or car problem by asking a friend who does have either or both of these things, the whole process always ends up being more complicated than it needs to be. There are certainly some great things about Boxed, but from what I’ve read in customer reviews, the service may not be suited for everyone. More often than not, shoppers recommend the brand thanks to its selection, prices, and easy-to-navigate website.

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No In-Person Product Inspection – One thing I miss is personally checking best-by dates, ripeness, or package integrity beforehand like at regular stores. Be aware some compromised goods may occasionally slip through. Commitment to Values – As a B Corp business, I appreciate Boxed‘s core principles around sustainability, ethical practices and positive social impact alongside profits. Boxed Up Rewards – For $49/annual fee, this premium program includes free delivery above $20, 2% cashback, exclusive coupons and discounts plus surprise gifts occasionally.

But, of course, stellar service isn’t always the case for everyone, and to our surprise, it’s not just one issue that is to blame. Negative reviews are with regards to the website, the prices, the shipping, damaged items, and a handful of other reasons. Buyers speak of “excellent customer service,” great prices, and an easy ordering process.