This is especially true if you’ve been able to hide your addiction up until now. How will you explain your absence to everyone? You might even think that addiction rehab is all about shaming addicts with their addiction and trying to force them to quit. Yet, this is far from the way that drug rehab centers actually operate nowadays. Your addiction rehab team will always endeavor to treat you with respect and without judgment. The most effective addiction treatment requires compassion, warmth and empathy.

Scared of Being Sober

In fact, sobriety can help you to learn new and healthier ways to deal with difficult situations. It is common for people to have a fear of sobriety, especially if they have been struggling with addiction for a long time. The first thing is that sobriety can be a really hard thing to face for a lot of addicts. There’s the chance that they might not make it through it, they could fail, and then there’s the pressure to succeed. There’s a fear of a life without the ability to ever drink or take drugs again. Staying sober means staying clean, and that alone can be a scary thought for many addicts and alcoholics.

“I Will Not Be Able to Talk to People”

It’s seen as normal to drink, and quitting that drug can feel like breaking a social pact. So your bold, life-improving decision to not drink will mean changes almost everywhere you look. If you are afraid of being sober, the first step in overcoming that fear is stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something that you don’t necessarily want to do.

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Danny Brown Is No Longer Scared of Dying Now That He’s Sober.

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The idea that you don’t get to chemically check out of reality now and then is horrifying, especially when you think that reality is pretty terrible. “We’re creating a healthy beverage that works in party occasions where you otherwise don’t have many healthy options,” Cessario said. Indeed, Liquid Death’s cornerstone market remains live entertainment-goers. And America’s biggest live-event company has bought in. Live Nation is one of Liquid Death’s longtime investors and participated in the company’s latest funding round. If you’ve been to a live event recently, you may have noticed something called Liquid Death being sold at food and drink stands.

“I Am Afraid I Will Lose My Courage”

Most of the time, people become addicted to drugs or alcohol because they have a lot of pain inside. In some cases, addiction can be linked to trauma or a co-occurring mental fear of being sober disorder, but it can also be used as a way to deal with stress or emotions. A drink of wine or a joint won’t make you feel better, so you have to get sober instead.

Scared of Being Sober